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About us

STACKHOUS is a fitness apparel & accessories brand, and online retailer in the United States.

STACKHOUS is a family owned and operated company based out of Long Island and founded in 2021 by Joshua Ortiz and Justin Baranello. STACKHOUS is here to represent the fitness and health community for all levels. This growth comes from our vision to producing innovative, effective, stylish performance wear and an ever-evolving social presence, and above all a loyalty to YOU, the STACKHOUS family. 

We exist to create the tools that will help you build the confidence to be inspired by greatness through blood, sweat, and hard work. (cliché) 

Work today to become the person you want to be in the future.

The STACKHOUS family:

Joshua Ortiz - Founder
Justin Baranello- Co-Founder



Family The community of athletes, artists and visionaries stretch all the way across the globe. We are a family of like-minded individuals working together to bring our respective visions to life. "The lone wolf dies but the Stackhous pack survives"

Loyalty We are committed to making Stackhous affordable for everyone to help reach their full potential in and out of the gym. We stand by and support our community and our customers/family. 

Evolution In everything we do, we adapt and grow with grace. Our products exist at the intersect of engineering and art. To remain at the forefront of both, we need to be fearlessly progressive and consistently future-conscious. We are not future-proof. We are the future.