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What's up everybody, Josh and Justin here. 
We want to let you know a little more about our message behind the STACKHOUS Cause and Affect Donations.

As you may already know, when you purchase our STACKHOUS Signature Bamboo Socks, you are also giving a set of socks to veterans and families in need. We are working with Veteran Homes and Family Shelters throughout Long Island, New York with plans to bring donations all across the USA. Our goal is not only to help through our donations but to bring awareness about this cause to our community. By making a purchase of STACKHOUS Signature Bamboo Socks you are joining thousands of individuals who, each day, are committed to helping our area’s veterans and families in need. Your generosity, will go a long way toward enriching the lives of these vets and families.

"Why donate socks?" - So, as we started STACKHOUS we heard that the number one article of clothing most requested at veteran homes and family shelters was socks. We know it may seem like such a small thing, but having clean, dry socks provides a very basic level of comfort. People very rarely donate new socks to those in need. 

Socks obviously provide a layer of warmth, and with that layer comes protection against frostbite. Socks also decrease friction between the shoes and the foot. They will also help cushion the bottom of the foot. The friction leads to thickened skin which at its best is painful. It feels like walking with a rock in your shoe. Many people in shelters have a condition call polyneuropathy. They lose nerve function and cannot feel irritations of their feet. The thickened skin can then break down to an ulcer. Neuropathic ulcers usually become infected and can cause skin infection, blood poisoning or deep bone infections. Athletes foot is a fungal infection of the skin caused by the organism Trichphyton mentagrophytes  (vesicular or small blister formation between the toes) or Trichphyton rubrum (small circular dry areas which cover the entire bottom of the foot). Almost all of us have some fungi on our skin, but we do not all become infected because we have socks to protect our feet. Not only do clean socks decrease the amount of contact anyone would have with bacteria, but clean socks also create a layer of dryness to the skin which slows the growth of fungi.

There is plenty more that can bring harm to someone who doesn't take care of their feet. But hopefully you get the point we are trying to make here. Providing clean new socks helps those in need to get one step closer to health care.

With your help we can make an impact together as a family!

We appreciate you for taking the time to read our message. 

Thank you,

Josh and Justin of STACKHOUS