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The Beginning

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What's up everybody, Joshua Ortiz and Justin Baranello here. Founder's of STACHOUS Fitness Apparel. We are a family business based out of Long Island NY. Our mission is to provide fire ass gym apparel, that is affordable and build a community for all levels of fitness.

We are focus on giving the best customer service, listening to our customs and also learning about everyone in this community. Together as a family we can accomplish anything because we have this community to rely on. No one is ever alone on their fitness journey. There's always a story to tell and we want to hear YOUR'S! 

STACKHOUS will be posting content about fitness, health, fashion, mental health, and food. Everything we post will be backed by science, so we can provide the most relevant information for you. We are willing to post about any topic you would like to know about. 

FAMILY | LOYALTY | EVOLVE  (This is our mantra. This is what we represent and what we believe in) 

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Watch us grow and be a part of our journey. We can't do this without you!


   I am from Long island NY and I made this blog for so many reason. Just to share with my readers . Changing my life style wasn't easy and fitness saved my life. I want everyone to know that change is possible and together we can accomplish anything together. I am beyond ecstatic to share stories, food ideas, dieting ideas, workout, and also to hear your stories too.